Some Things Jack And Tom Learned To Do As Boy Scouts

: Keep-well Stories For Little Folks


When a person faints, lay him flat, loosen his collar and belt, and

bathe the face in cool water.

When a person is cut, and the wound is bleeding, put a clean cloth on

the wound, and press on it with the fingers until it stops bleeding, or

until a doctor comes. Tie a bandage above the cut.

If a bone is broken, carry the person so the broken bone will n
t tear

or injure the flesh near it. Put a board or pillow under the broken bone

to steady it.

They also learn to bind wet soda to a burn.

To put clove oil or turpentine on a bit of cotton in an aching tooth.

To put three drops of carbolic acid in half a teaspoonful of warm

glycerine into an aching ear.

To put wet cloths on the throat for sick stomach.

To bathe a sprain in hot water, and not to bandage until it stops


To turn an eyelid and take out a cinder, or a bit of dirt, with a soft


When a person has taken poison, to give him something to make him

vomit--salt and warm water, or mustard dissolved in warm water; call for

a doctor.

For sunstroke, to put the person in a cool place, and bathe in cool

water. To put ice-cap on head.

For heat prostration, to give stimulants, 10 to 12 drops of aromatic

spirits of ammonia in a little water, or hot drinks. Put hot-water

bottle to the feet.

When on fire, to lie down, not to run. Wrap in a rug or blanket, or

anything that will shut off the air from the flame. To protect the face

from the flames.

In nose bleed, to raise the head and arms. To press on the nostril from

which the blood is coming. That a small piece of cotton dipped in very

weak vinegar or lemon juice and placed in the nostril will cause the

bleeding to stop.

Should a child swallow a penny, or ring, or other small things, to give

bread and potatoes; not to give a laxative, or purgative.

If a child has convulsions, to put it in a warm bath without waiting to

undress it.

For snake bite, or the bite of a dog, tie a string above the bite, wash

the wound with clean water, and rub carbolic acid or luna caustic on it.

The most important thing that the Boy Scout learns is that common sense

and self-control are two of the best things to possess.

The Boy Scout must be well trained to use the last two aids for the

benefit of the injured.