Small Fire Department Rescues Birds

: Daddy's Bedtime Bird Stories

"The salamanders," said daddy, "are little creatures very much like

lizards in looks, except their skin is not scaly as a lizard's. They

have four legs and a tail, and are very nice, kind and gentle.

"Well, these salamanders agreed that they would have a fire department,

and the next thing was to arrange for the hose and ladder. Finally it

was decided that their salamander cousins should be chosen to run the

/> hose and ladder.

"'We shall call ourselves the fire and water fire department,' said

one of the fire salamanders. 'It will be our business to rush in and

rescue the animals who are in danger of being burned to death, and it

will be your business to help them down to the brook, where we'll have

our hose ready to sprinkle them with good, cool water.'

"But days and days went by, and still no fire broke out.

"'I know what's the trouble,' said another one of the fire salamanders.

'We have no fire bell; there may have been fires that we knew nothing

of; you never can tell.'

"'Don't be gloomy,' said still another fire salamander. 'We'll have a

fire bell. I know where a kind old cow left her bell from last year.

We'll put it by the stump just at the edge of the brook and all the

animals can be told to move it when there is a fire. Then we will all

come out and stop the fire.'

"And soon notices were put up all over the woods and around the brook

which read:

"'To the Animals: Attention! In case of fire, ring the cow bell

by the brook. The Fire and Water Fire Department of the Salamanders

will PUT IT OUT.'

"These notices were read by all the animals, and the very next day the

salamanders heard the cow bell.

"'Where's the fire?' they all shouted.

"'Over there,' said Grandfather Frog, who was watching the fire

department start off.

"They wiggled and crawled as quickly as they could to the spot where the

fire was. It was the vireo family's nest. You know the vireos are those

beautiful, shy birds that live in the woods and have such lovely voices.

The fire salamanders rushed right into the fire and pulled out of the

nest the vireo children just in time before their little feathers got

burnt. And, of course, the Mother and Daddy Vireo were able to fly out.

"When they all reached the brook at last, the Mother and Daddy

Vireo sang the most wonderful song as a reward to the brave salamander

fire department."