Sindbad The Sailor The First Voyage

: Favorite Fairy Tales.

My father died while I was young and left me a fortune. Having no one to

restrain me, I fell into bad ways, by which I not only wasted my time,

but injured my health, and destroyed my property.

When I recovered, I collected together what was left of my fortune, and

bought merchandise, which I loaded on board a vessel for the port of


During the voyage we touched
t several islands, where we sold or

exchanged our goods. We were one day becalmed near a small island. As

its appearance was inviting, we determined to dine upon it. But while we

were laughing and preparing for dinner, the island began to move, and at

the same moment the people in the ship called out that we were on the

back of a monstrous whale. Some jumped into the boat, and others swam to

the ship; but before I could get off the animal dived into the sea, and

I had only time to catch hold of a piece of wood that had been brought

from the ship to serve as a table. Upon this piece of timber I was

carried away by the current. The others reached the vessel, but a gale

sprang up and the ship sailed without me. I floated during that and the

next night, but the following morning was thrown on a small island.

I found fresh water and fruit. I looked about for some house, but found

none. There were a number of colts grazing together, but no traces of

other animals. When evening approached I took some more fruit and

climbed in a tree to sleep. About midnight the sound of trumpets and

drums seemed to pass around the island, which continued until morning,

when again it seemed to be uninhabited. On the next day I found that the

island was small, and that no other land was in sight. I therefore gave

myself up as lost. Nor were my fears lessened when I found that the

shore abounded with enormous serpents and other sea monsters. I found,

however, that they were timid, and that the rattling of sticks would

make them dive into the water.

I climbed the tree next night, and the drums and trumpets returned as

before. On the third day, I had the satisfaction of seeing a body of

men, who, on landing, were astonished to see me there. Having related

to them how I came hither, they told me they were grooms of King

Mihrage; that the island belonged to genii, who visited it every night

with drums and trumpets; that the genii had allowed their sovereign to

train his colts upon the island; and that they, being sent every six

months to select some, had arrived for that purpose.

The grooms carried me to King Mihrage, who allowed me apartments in his


One day I saw men unloading a ship in the harbor, and saw that some of

the bales were those which I had sent to Balsora. Going up to the

captain, I said:

"Captain, I am Sindbad."

"Surely," said he, "I and the passengers saw Sindbad swallowed in the

waves many hundred miles away."

Some others, however, coming up, I was recognized; and the captain then

restored me the bales, with many congratulations. I made a valuable

present to King Mihrage, who bestowed a rich gift on me in return; and,

having made some advantageous purchases, I arrived at Balsora, where,

after I had sold my goods, I found myself possessed of a hundred

thousand sequins.