Solving A Problem

: The Tale Of Nimble Deer

Jimmy Rabbit was going to give a party. Up and down Pleasant Valley and

all about Blue Mountain the field and forest people were talking about


Almost everybody had an invitation. There were only a few that weren't

asked. Jimmy Rabbit didn't intend to invite Grumpy Weasel because he was

a rascal. And Timothy Turtle wasn't to be one of the guests because he

would be sure to grumble at everybody and ever

And then there was Nimble Deer. Jimmy Rabbit said that Nimble was too

big to come to his party. And every one told Jimmy Rabbit that it was

a pity. All the neighbors said so much that Jimmy Rabbit didn't know

what to do.

"If I don't ask Nimble you won't be pleased," Jimmy complained to Billy

Woodchuck. "And if I do ask him and he should happen to step on you

during a dance you wouldn't like that."

"Invite him; but keep him away from the crowd!" Billy Woodchuck


"How can I do that?" Jimmy Rabbit demanded.

"I don't know," Billy replied. "But I am sure you can find a way, if

anybody can."

Well, after that remark there was nothing Jimmy Rabbit could do except

to put on his thinking cap. But try as he would, he couldn't hit upon a

single plan.

Now, Nimble Deer had no idea of all the trouble he was causing Jimmy

Rabbit. To be sure, he knew that he was not invited to Jimmy Rabbit's

party. But he was no person to sulk or feel hurt over such a matter.

However, there was one thing that he thought was odd. Wherever he went

he was sure to come upon Jimmy Rabbit. Sometimes Nimble would hear a

faint rustle. And when he looked around he would catch a glimpse of

Jimmy Rabbit ducking out of sight behind a tree. Sometimes Nimble would

be taking a nap under the shelter of a clump of evergreens. And he would

wake up suddenly with a strange feeling that somebody was watching him.

And almost always he would discover Jimmy Rabbit crouching near-by and

staring at him.

At first, at such times, Nimble only spoke pleasantly to Jimmy Rabbit.

Still he couldn't help noticing that Jimmy Rabbit always acted queerly.

He seemed to be absent minded. If Nimble bade him a cheerful good

morning Jimmy Rabbit was likely to reply with a good evening. If Nimble

said, "It's a fine day," Jimmy would say, "Yes! It does look like rain."

At last, one day, Jimmy Rabbit made the oddest answer of all. When

Nimble spied him peering from behind a stump he called, "Hullo! I'm

glad to see you." To which remark Jimmy Rabbit said, "I hope to see

you later."

"Now, I wonder--" Nimble mused--"I wonder what he means." And then

Nimble asked Jimmy Rabbit a question: "Are you feeling well?"

"As well as could be expected!" Jimmy Rabbit told him.

"You don't seem like yourself," said Nimble. "I haven't seen you smile

for over a week."

Then, strangely enough, Jimmy Rabbit jumped into the air and kicked and


"At last," he cried, "I feel better. I have solved the problem. Will you

come to my party and help me a week from to-night?"

Nimble Deer thanked him and said that he would.