Swat The Fly

: Keep-well Stories For Little Folks

S is for Sunshine, keeps nature clean,

And makes Mr. Fly feeble and lean.

W is for Waste, where the fly breeds,

The fouler, the better it suits his needs.

A is for Anything dirty and vile,

On which the children may spend a short while.

T is for Typhoid, whose best friend is the fly,

It ma
es thousands to sicken and hundreds to die.

T is for Trouble he brings to us all,

From Spring's early green until far into Fall.

H is for Housewife, his unceasing foe,

Who traps, swats and otherwise brings him to woe.

E is for Energy she puts into work,

So long as there is one left she will never shirk.

F stands for Friends of which he has none,

If you look for his foes you may count me as one.

L stands for Labor, which is always well spent,

If it keeps Mr. Fly from enjoying content.

Y stands for You, who will help in the task,

Kill each fly you can is all we ask.

Author Unknown.