Story Of Sisyphus

: Nature Myths And Stories For Little Children

Little White Cloud was the Ocean's daughter. The Ocean loved her, and

wished always to keep her near him.

One day, when her father was asleep, White Cloud went out to walk alone.

The Sun saw her and said, "Come, White Cloud, I am your king, I will

give you a ride upon my bright rays." White Cloud had often longed for

this very thing, so she went gladly, and soon found herself among the

clouds in the sky.

When the Ocean awoke he called his little daughter. She did not answer.

He called again and again, louder and still louder, until the people

said, "Listen, it is thundering!"

But the Ocean only heard the echo of his own voice from the shore. He

rushed high up on the beach and moaned aloud.

He ran into all the caves but White Cloud could not be found.

Every one had loved White Cloud, so by this time all the water was white

with the crests of the weeping sea nymphs.

A great giant was sitting upon the shore near the sea. His name was

Sisyphus. He felt sorry for the Ocean and said, "Listen, friend Ocean,

I often watch you carrying the great ships and wish that I, too, had a

great work to do.

"You see how dry it is on this side of the mountain. Few people come

this way. You are not even now as lonely as I, yet I want to help you.

Promise me that you will put a spring upon this mountain side, where all

the tired and thirsty people may drink, and I'll tell you where White

Cloud is."

The Ocean said, "I cannot put a spring upon the mountain, but if you

will follow my son, River, he will take you to a spring where he was


The giant told the Ocean how the Sun ran away with White Cloud. The Sun

heard him and was angry. He placed Sisyphus in the sea saying, "You are

far too strong to sit idly here upon the shore. You say you want a great

work to do; you shall have it. You shall forever use your strength to

push these stones upon the shore, and they shall forever roll back upon


The giant began his work at once, and has worked faithfully every day

since that time.

Many people do not yet know what his work is. Do you? Do you know what

Sisyphus is making?