Sindbad The Sailor The Sixth Voyage

: Favorite Fairy Tales.

At the expiration of another year, I prepared for a sixth voyage. This

proved very long and unfortunate, for the pilot lost his course and knew

not where to steer. At length he told us we must inevitably be dashed to

pieces against a rock, which we were fast approaching. In a few moments

the vessel was a complete wreck. We saved our lives, our provisions, and

our goods.

The shore on which we were cast was
at the foot of a mountain which it

was impossible to climb, so that I shortly beheld my companions die one

after another. There was a frightful cavern in the rock, through which

flowed a river. To this, in a fit of desperation, I resolved to trust

myself. I went to work and made a long raft. I loaded it with bales of

rich stuffs, and large pieces of rock crystal, of which the mountain was

in a great measure formed. I went on board the raft, and the current

carried me along. I was carried in darkness during many days, and at

last fell asleep. When I awoke, I found myself in a pleasant country.

My raft was tied up and some blacks, who were near me, said that they

had found me floating in the river which waters their land. They took me

to their King, and carefully conducted my cargo with me. When we came to

the city of Serindib, I related my story to the monarch, who ordered it

to be written in letters of gold. I presented the King with some of the

most beautiful pieces of rock crystal, and entreated him to let me

return to my own country, which he readily agreed to, and even gave me

a letter and a present to my sovereign, the Caliph Haroun Alrashid. The

present consisted of a ruby made into a cup, and decorated with pearls;

the skin of a serpent, which appeared like burnished gold, and which

could repel disease; some aloe-wood, camphire, and a beautiful female

slave. I returned to my native country, delivered the present to the

Caliph, and received his thanks, with a reward.