Saint Cuthbert's Eagle

: Good Stories For Great Holidays


Once upon a time, the good Saint Cuthbert of Lindesfarne, went forth

from his monastery to preach to the poor. He took with him a young lad

as his only attendant. Together they walked along the dusty way. The

heat of the noonday sun beat upon their heads, and fatigue overcame


"Son," said Saint Cuthbert, "do you know any one on the road, whom we

> may ask for food and a place in which to rest?"

"I was just thinking the same thing," answered the lad, "but I know

nobody on the road who will entertain us. Alas! why did we not bring

along provisions? How can we proceed on our long journey without them?"

"My son," answered the saint, "learn to have trust in God, who never

will suffer those to perish of hunger who believe in Him."

Then looking up and seeing an eagle flying in the air, he added, "Do you

see the eagle yonder? It is possible for God to feed us by means of this


While they were talking thus, they came to a river, and, lo! the eagle

stood on the bank.

"Son," said Saint Cuthbert, "run and see what provision God has made for

us by his handmaid the bird."

The lad ran, and found a good-sized fish that the eagle had just caught.

This he brought to the saint.

"What have you done?" exclaimed the good man, "why have you not given a

part to God's handmaid? Cut the fish in two pieces, and give her one, as

her service well deserves."

The lad did as he was bidden, and the eagle, taking the half fish in her

beak, flew away.

Then entering a neighboring village, Saint Cuthbert gave the other half

to a peasant to cook, and while the lad and the villagers feasted, the

good saint preached to them the Word of God.