: The Tale Of Tommy Fox

Kiddy Katydid and his relatives were in possession of a secret that

none of the Pleasant Valley folk can solve, though they waste much

time and energy trying to guess it. Even to this day it is doubtful if

anyone other than Kiddie himself really knows what Katy did! But his

friends are a curious lot and they work their brains over-time to

think of some scheme to make Kiddie tell. If you want to know what

they do accidentally discover about Kiddie himself and how excited

every body becomes as the rare news spreads from mouth to mouth, you

will find that and many other remarkable things about him in this

interesting story of his life in the Maple tree that grows in Farmer

Green's yard. You will like Kiddie. He is very modest and retiring--

behaving very much as any well raised youngster should, and when you

understand just how it happens that he keeps repeating that funny

remark about Katy, you can join him in the hearty laugh he has on his