: The Tale Of Tommy Fox

Of course, there is a time when Jolly Robin is only a nestling. Then

one day, after he tumbles out of the apple tree and falls squawking

and fluttering to the ground, he takes his first lesson in flying. So

pleased is Jolly to know that he can actually sail through the air on

his wings, that he goes out into the wide, wide world to shift for

himself. One day, after advising with Jimmy Rabbit, he decides to

become general laugh-maker to the inhabitants of Pleasant Valley, and

he becomes one of Mother Nature's happiest little feathered folk,

going about trying to make things a bit better in the world.

True, he falls into many blunders and has many strange experiences,

but his intentions are always the best, remember. Slyly tucked away in

this story of Jolly Robin and of his adventures, is much bird lore and

philosophy,--both instructive and entertaining.