: The Tale Of Tommy Fox

Freddie Firefly is most anxious to lighten the cares of his friends in

Pleasant Valley for he is a most unselfish fellow and enjoys nothing

more than seeing other people as happy as he. He has one grave fault,

however, that prevents him from being a very great help, and that is

his inability to remain long in one place. He is so full of spry

gaiety that he never can be quite content unless he is dancing with

his relati
es in the hollow near the swamp or darting about Farmer

Green's lawn. His friends often give him advice as to how he may use

the wonderful light which he always carries with him, and finally Mrs.

Ladybug tells him he should go to the railroad and work as a signalman

for the trains. You will hold your breath as you read about the

exciting adventure that follows this suggestion, and you will no doubt

agree with those to whom he later tells it that he is a very lucky

Freddie to escape.

Rusty Wren is another little neighbor in Pleasant Valley. His

particular home there is Farmer Green's yard where he lives in a

bright shiny home which is really a tin can with a hole in it! And

dear me! I forgot all about Rusty Wren's family--his wife and six baby

children who had to be given Wren food by Rusty and little Chippy, Jr.

You will laugh heartily when you read about Chippy growing so big and

fat that he gets stuck in Rusty's tiny doorway and can't get pulled

out. My, what an exciting time it was! And you will laugh again when

you watch Rusty Wren go way over to the bank of Black Creek all ready

for a party when there really is no party. Yes, you will agree with

Farmer Green's boy and the rest of our friends in Pleasant Valley that

Rusty certainly is a very interesting little neighbor.