The Three Fishes

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Three Fishes lived in a pond. The first was wise, the second had a

little sense, and the third was foolish. A fisherman saw the fish, and

went home for his net in order that he might catch them.

"I must get out of this pond at once," said the Wise Fish. And he threw

himself into a little channel that led to a river. The others did not

trouble at all.

Presently the Fisherman returned with his net, and stopped up the

channel leading to the river. The Second Fish wished he had followed the

example of the Wise Fish; but he soon thought of a plan to escape. He

floated upside down on the surface of the water, and the fisherman,

thinking he was dead, did not trouble about him any more.

But the Foolish Fish was caught, and taken home to be eaten.

We should all endeavor to be wise.