: The Tale Of Tommy Fox

Betsy Butterfly is the owner of a pair of such beautifully colored

wings and her sweet disposition matches them so perfectly that it is a

very common occurrence to hear one of the tiny dwellers in Farmer

Green's meadow remark: "Why, the sun just has to smile on her!" Of

course, any lady so gifted is bound to have many admirers and Betsy is

no exception. But there are a few of her acquaintances who cannot keep

from showing their jealousy of her popularity and these try in various

unkind ways to make her disliked. The story of how she politely

overlooks these rude attempts, in that way causing herself to be all

the more thought of, is the best sort of example to any human girl or

boy who wishes to know how to be sure of making friends. You will find

that Betsy is a great girl for giving parties and perhaps she will

give you a few valuable ideas that will be useful sometime when you

have a party of your own.