: The Tale Of Tommy Fox

All the folks down in Pleasant Valley know Solomon Owl. Well, It's

this way. If you hear Solomon Owl on a dark night when his "Wha-Wha!

Whoo-ah!" sends a chill 'way up your spine, and if you see him you can

never forget him, either. He has great, big, staring eyes that make

you feel queer when you look at his pale face. No, sir, little folks

like Mr. Frog, the tailor, certainly don't like to have any visits

from Solomo
Owl when Solomon has a fine appetite. To be sure, Farmer

Green isn't happy when Solomon steals some of his fine chickens, and

neither are the chickens for that matter. But Solomon doesn't have all

the fun on some one else. Oh no! Reddy Woodpecker knows how to tease

him by tapping with his bill on Solomon's wooden house in the daytime,

when every owl likes to sleep and dream of all the nice frogs and fat

chickens they are going to feast on the next night, and then, out

comes Solomon all blinking with his big, black eyes. But this wise

owl, who really isn't as wise as he looks, you know, finds a good way

to fool Reddy and the rest of the folks who like to annoy him, and

lives his own happy life.