Gordon's Toy Castle On The Hill

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Last Christmas little Gordon Bruce had a fine, large Christmas tree and

lots of toys, just as a great many other nice boys and girls had. The

tree was up in his playroom, a great, big, sunny room that used to be

called the "nursery" when he was a baby.

A few days after Christmas, Gordon's mother said: "Now, Gordon, I think

we will have to take down your Christmas tree, for
t is getting all

dried up, and the little pine needles are dropping all over the floor,

and the maid has to sweep them up every day."

Gordon was sorry to have the tree taken down, for it looked so bright

and Christmas-y, and he knew it would be a whole year before he would

have another Christmas tree, so he asked his mother if she wouldn't wait

just one day more. I think that is the way almost all the girls and boys

feel. And his mother said she would wait until to-morrow.

It was a rainy day, and as none of his little friends were with him, he

began to play with all his toys one after the other; there were many of

them, and some of the little ones were still hanging on the tree.

Gordon's father came from Scotland, and he had read to Gordon many

stories of the old days in Scotland, when the great generals and the

noble lords lived in strong castles set high up on the mountains, so

that the soldiers could not get near them. Now among Gordon's Christmas

presents was a tiny castle just like the ones he had seen in the books

his father read the stories from; and with this castle came a lot of


So this day Gordon got out his castle and soldiers and began to play

with them. First he got a chair and put a big, thick rug over it to make

it look like a steep hill; then he set the castle on top of the hill and

stood the soldiers on the ground at the bottom of the hill--all in a

row. He was making believe that the soldiers were trying to get up to

the castle. Then he dropped some beautiful colored glass marbles, that

his Uncle George had given him, down on the floor of the castle. The

marbles rolled out of the front door of the castle and down the rug to

the bottom of the hill, and bang! they would bump right against the tall

soldiers and tumble them down. One after another Gordon would roll the

marbles down until by and by every one of the soldiers would be knocked

over, and as they were only wooden soldiers, of course they couldn't get

up by themselves. Then Gordon would stand them all up in a row again and

roll the marbles down the hill until not a single soldier was standing.

It was lots of fun for Gordon, for you know it really didn't hurt the

soldiers a bit, for they were only made of wood and their uniforms were

just red and blue paint.

The next day Gordon's mother took down the tree, and packed up the

beautiful things that were on it, and put them away until next