: Popular Rhymes And Nursery Tales

Tradition informs us, but leaves us in ignorance as to the nature of the

offence offered, that once upon a time, a long time ago, his satanic

majesty took dire displeasure at the good folks of Hartforth, for some

naughty trick, no doubt played upon him, during one of his visits to

that locality; so finding a stone of enormous bulk and weight to the

south of Gilling, his majesty, in his rage, raised the ponderous mass in

one hand, and uttering this exclamatory couplet,--

Have at thee, Black Hartforth,

But have a care o' Bonny Gilling!

cast it from him with all his strength. It would appear that the devil's

vision is rather of a telescopic character; for, as luck would have it,

he missed his aim, and the stone, which flew whizzing through the air,

at last fell harmless far beyond the former place; and now lies, bearing

the impression of his unholy fingers, on the rising ground to the north

side of Gatherly Moor.[45]

[Footnote 45: Communicated by Mr. M. A. Denham.]