: Keep-well Stories For Little Folks

To facilitate the pronunciation of the words in

this glossary the correct syllabication has been

indicated. Of course, it is expected that the

teacher will assist the pupil where any difficult

combinations occur.

AC'CI DENT--an event which is unexpected.

AD'E NOID--growth between the back of the nose and

the mouth, which prevents or disturbs breathing

through the nose.

A JAR'--open.

AL LIES'--friends.

AM' BUSH--secret or concealed place where troops

lie in wait to attack unawares.

AN'TI TOX'IN--against poison.

AWN'ING--a covering stretched upon a frame and

used as a shelter from wind or sun.

BAC TE'RI A--very small plants; some bacteria

cause disease.


CAP'TAIN--a leader.

CAR'GO--load; freight carried by ships or other


CAR'PEN TER--one who builds houses, ships, etc.

CEL'E BRATE--to keep a festival holiday.

CLEV'ER--having skill; good-natured.

COL'O NY--of, or pertaining to, a colony or

colonies; the thirteen British colonies which

formed the United States of America.

CON'QUER--overpower; win.

CON SUMP'TION--progressive wasting of the lungs.

CON TEMP'--scorn; to despise.

COR'PO RALS--lower officers in an army.

CRYS'TAL--pure, transparent; resembling crystal.

DE STROY'--to kill; to break up the structure of a


DIS AP POINT'--defeated of expectation or hope.

DRAG'ON--a large serpent; legendary animal.

DREAD'NOUGHT--a fearless ship.

DREAM--a series of thoughts, images or emotions

occurring during sleep.

DU'TY--that which is required by one's station or

occupation; any assigned service or business.

EN GI NEER'--one who manages an engine.

ENG'LISH--the people of England.

ER'RAND--a trip to carry a message or do some

special business.

FAKE--anything prepared for the purpose of

deceiving; trick.

FA'VOR--a kind act; kindness.

FEAST--a meal of abundant and satisfying food; a

rich treat.

FEE'BLE--weak physically.

FORE'FA THERS--one who comes before another in the

line of direct descent; especially a male


FREIGHT--goods carried from one place to another.

FRE' QUENT LY--at short intervals.

FU'EL--anything that feeds fire.

FUR'NACE--a structure in which heat is produced.

FUR'NISH--to provide; to give.

GEN'ER AL--an officer who commands an army or any

body of troops.

GIN--a machine for separating cotton fibres from

the seeds.

GLAND--an organ of the body.

HELMS'MAN--a man who steers a boat.

HOS'PIT AL--a place where sick and afflicted are

cared for.

I'CI CLE--a rod of ice formed by the freezing of

drops of dripping water.

IN'DI AN--member of one of the aboriginal races of

North, South and Central America.

IN FECT'ED--to taint; to contaminate; to give


IN I'TI ATE--to introduce.

IN'JURED--damaged; hurt.

IN'NO CENT--free from; clean; pure.

IN TES'TINE--that part of the digestive tube below

the stomach; bowel.

JOUR'NEY--passage from one place to another.

KNIGHT--a man of gentle birth, bred to the

profession of arms.

LAX'A TIVE--a gentle purgative, having the power

to loosen the bowels.

MA LA'RI A--(old meaning, bad air), a disease, the

cause of which is carried by the mosquitoes.

MEAD'OW--low or level land covered with grass.

MER'CY--the act of relieving suffering.

MI'CRO SCOPE--a magnifying instrument for seeing

very small objects, such as germs.

NEC'TAR--the honey of plants.

NO'BLE--a man of lofty lineage.

O'PI UM--a poisonous powder gotten from the poppy


OR'GAN--any part performing a special work.

OX'Y GEN--a chemical substance in the air

necessary to life.

PALE--lacking in color.

PAS'TEUR--a French scientist who studied and told

us much of germs.

PI AZ'ZA--a porch.

PLAGUE--a disease of Asia; a pestilence.

POL LUTE'--to make unclean.

POI'SON--a substance taken into the body which

injures or kills.

PNEU MO'NI A--an inflammation of the lung tissue,

caused by a germ.

PUR'GA TIVE--a medicine which purges or cleans out

the alimentary canal.

QUACK--a pretender to medical skill.

RAID--to make war on.

RA'TIONS--food; a ration; amount of food used.

REG'I MENT--a body of soldiers.

REIGN--to preside over; to rule.

REL'A TIVES--near of kin.

ROY'AL--kingly; pertaining to kings.

RUB'BISH--trash; waste.

SEARCH'LIGHT--a powerful light used on ships.

SMOTH'ERED--prevented from breathing.

SOL'DIER--a member of an army.

SOOTH'ING--to make quiet.

SQUAD'RON--several war vessels detailed for


STIM'U LANT--something which excites or spurs on.

TRENCH--a large ditch.

TY'PHOID--a long slow fever, caused by a germ; it

can be prevented by cleanliness.

U'NI FORM--special dress, usually with braid and


VAC CI NAT'TION--producing a mild form of a

disease to prevent a severe form.

VEINS--tubes that carry blood to the heart.

VEN'TI LATE--to supply with fresh air.

VES'SEL--a ship.

VIC'TO RY--act of overcoming an enemy in battle,

or an opponent in a contest.

VIR GIN'I A--an eastern state in the United



WEAP'ON--any implement used for offense or



WIND'PIPE--a tube that carries the air from the

throat to the lungs.

WITH'ERED--dried up.

ZINC--a metal.