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I saw a stork on a chimney high,

And called to him as I passed by,

"O stork! what'll you bring,

Tucked away carefully under your wing?

A baby sister and a brother,

One for me, and one for mother."



Little Elinor Gray lived in a
ig city, but her grandmother lived in a

big house in the country. Elinor and her Nurse Norah were going to visit

her, and had to take a long ride in the railway-train, and another ride

in a carriage that Grandmother sent to meet them, so it was almost dark

when they drove up to the door.

Elinor's grandmother had two beautiful dogs--"Bruno," a big collie, and

"Bounder," a little fox-terrier. And when they saw the little girl jump

out of the carriage, they barked and barked because they were so glad to

see her. And they said to themselves (I think they said to

themselves): "We will let her have a good sleep to-night, for she must

be very tired and it is nearly dark. But to-morrow, bright and early, we

will ask her to come for a romp with us in the garden, and show her how

much nicer it is to live in the country than in the city, where little

girls have to walk so quietly along the streets, and dogs have to be led

along the sidewalk, and cannot frolic on the soft green grass."

Elinor was very sleepy after her long ride in the train, and so, after

she had had her supper, her grandmother told her she might go to bed

early and get a good sleep, and that Nurse Norah would call her at seven

o'clock in the morning.

But what do you think happened? Why, Bruno and Bounder somehow got into

the house before seven o'clock that morning, and came leaping up the

stairs, and went straight to Elinor's door. Elinor was a very sound

sleeper, and did not hear them at first, and did not wake up. But soon

Bounder began to scratch at the door with his little, sharp claws and to

make queer little whine-y sounds; and Bruno's bushy tail went "Rap! rap!

rap!" on the door, too. Then Elinor woke up, and listened a moment, and

then she said: "Oh, I know what it is! It's those darling dogs!" And

she jumped out of bed and opened the door, and there, sure enough, was

Bounder, dashing right into the room, barking, "Good morning! good

morning!" and big Bruno, looking at Elinor as if saying, "Good morning!

didn't you hear us? It's time to get up!"

Elinor said: "Oh, you beauties! Yes, I know! And I'll get dressed right


But what do you think happened then! Why, Bruno and Bounder didn't

give her time even to call Nurse Norah and get dressed. You see, Bruno

and Bounder did not often have so nice a little visitor, and they were

ready to begin play that very minute. Bounder was jumping up and down

and all over the room, and at last he spied Elinor's slippers on the

floor and caught up one of them between his sharp little teeth and ran

round and round the room with it. But Bruno chased Bounder all round the

room trying to make him drop the slipper, while Elinor stood still and

laughed and laughed and laughed!

But just then Nurse Norah came rushing in from the next room, asking

what was the matter and in a minute, the naughty Bounder was made to

give up Elinor's slipper, and Bruno chased him all the way out of the


And just as soon as Elinor had had her breakfast, she ran out and had a

fine romp with Bruno and Bounder in Grandmother's garden.