First Aid To The Injured And The Boy Scouts

: Keep-well Stories For Little Folks

"I say, Jack, what do you think; I am going to join the Boy Scouts."

"What is that, Tom? I don't know anything about Boy Scouts. Is it

something new? You are always starting some new stunt. Is it playing


"Oh, no, Jack; it is a company made up of boys, who are learning to be

manly and brave. Being a Boy Scout takes you out-of-doors a great deal,

and in that way it helps make you str
ng and healthy. I wish you would

come with me and join."

"Well, tell me all about it."

"The Boy Scouts were organized in England, in 1907, and a brother

organization was started in America in 1910. It was started by men who

knew all about boys, and who wanted to help them to get the best out of


"The Boy Scouts elect leaders; they form troops, that is, so many boys

under one leader. They go camping. They go on long 'hikes.' A hike is a

trip into the country, over hills and through meadows.

"The Boy Scout must learn to swim, and to do many things to help

himself, and to help others. A Boy Scout has to promise to do something

for some one each day--lend a helping hand.

"Mr. Brown, the lawyer, is our Scout Master. Come, Jack, join us. You

are twelve years old. It will help to make a man of you. A number of us

are going to be initiated this afternoon; then we will be Tenderfoot


"All right, Tom, I'll ask mother. I am pretty sure she will let me join.

She wants me to be a manly, healthy boy."