The Rabbits And The Dogs

: Literary Fables Of Yriarte

A Rabbit, whom

Two Dogs pursue,

Into the copse

In terror flew.

Out of his burrow,

At the clatter,

A comrade sprung.--

"Friend, what's the matter?"

"The matter? Zounds!

I'm fairly blown;

By villain hounds

I'm hunted down."

"I see them yonder

Through the furze.

But they 're not hounds."--

"What then?"--"They're curs."

"Curs, hey! Then so

Is my grandmother!

You do not know

The one from t' other."

"Stupid! they 're naught

But mongrel cur."--

"They're hounds, I say."--

"They're curs, good sir."

While they dispute

The dogs arrive;

And both of them

Eat up alive.

* * * * *

Ye who, important

Matters scorning,

Toy with trifles,

Take our warning.