The Proud Oak Tree

: Good Stories For Great Holidays



The oak said to the reed that grew by the river: "It is no wonder that

you make such a sorrowful moaning, for you are so weak that the little

wren is a burden for you, and the lightest breeze must seem like a

storm-wind. Now look at me! No storm has ever been able to bow my

head. You will be much safer if you grow close to my side so that I may

shelter you from the wind that is now playing with my leaves."

"Do not worry about me," said the reed; "I have less reason to fear the

wind than you have. I bow myself, but I never break. He who laughs last,

laughs best!"

That night there came a fearful hurricane. The oak stood erect. The

reed bowed itself before the blast. The wind grew more furious, and,

uprooting the proud oak, flung it on the ground.

When the morning came there stood the slender reed, glittering with

dewdrops, and softly swaying in the breeze.