The Relief Of Lucknow

: True Stories Of Wonderful Deeds

During the time of the terrible Indian Mutiny, when most of the native

troops rose against their British rulers, and vowed to kill every white

person in the land, many cruel deeds were done. A great number of white

people were slain before the British troops could come to their rescue,

but in some places they managed to hold out until help reached them.

This was the case in the city of Lucknow, where the British governor

> with a small body of troops, and a great many women and children, took

refuge in the Government House from a vast host of rebels who came to

attack them. Many of the brave defenders were killed by the shot and

shell of the enemy. Many others, and especially the little children,

fell sick and died, for the heat was very great, and there was no good

water to be had. Then, after many days, a small body of white soldiers

fought their way into the city, and brought help and hope to the rest of

the party. They were only just in time. Had they come a few days later

they would have found the Government House a heap of ruins, and their

friends dead, for the rebels were making a mine under the building and

meant to blow it up with gunpowder. But alas! the newcomers were not

strong enough to fight their way out of Lucknow with a crowd of helpless

women and children and sick folk, so they, too were now shut in. For two

months longer they held out. Then at last, when they had almost lost

hope, the great Sir Colin Campbell with his brave Highlanders and other

soldiers defeated the rebels, and brought the band of sick, starving,

and weary people safely away.