The Robins' Spring Concert

: Daddy's Bedtime Bird Stories

"The robins gave their spring concert the other morning for the

fairies," said daddy. "They give one every year just after most of their

family have arrived for the summer. It is one of the biggest events of

the spring in fairyland, and they are so excited about it for days ahead

that they can talk about nothing else. They've practised so hard and so

long lately that the day has been quite far gone many a time, when some

> little robin has been trying over and over again some important trill

which he was going to sing alone.

"But the concert was given just at dawn. Mr. Sun came out for it,

looking as fine as any king with a very dazzling golden crown on his

head. Then the dew-drops came and had reserved seats on the little

blades of grass. Some of the early butterflies were invited, and the

little spring garden flowers opened their sleepy eyes and waved about,

keeping time with the music.

"First of all was the grand opening chorus. Mr. Robin Redbreast had a

little stick with which he beat time, and all the robins sang a fine

song which he had made up himself.

"Then came the solos. Miss Robin Redbreast sang a beautiful song

all by herself.

"Then two little brother robins sang a song together--they called it a

'duet,' which was very funny. They acted as they sang, and made all the

fairies and the other guests at the concert laugh hard.

"But best of all was the band. It was a new band the robins had just

started, and they were very proud of it. It was a great surprise to the

fairies, for they didn't know the robins had a band. As you can guess,

the robins had worked hard for a big surprise for the fairies. Ten

little robins played the drums, which were tiny twigs from the apple

tree. There were little spring leaves through which some of the others

whistled tunes, and the rest played on horn-shaped flowers.

"After the concert was finished and the fairies had clapped and

clapped and waved their wands with delight, and the little robins had

bowed and bowed--and fallen down, sometimes making too low bows--they

all had breakfast. Such a breakfast! The most luscious of worms were

given the little robins and a special dish was made for the fairies of

spring porridge, which Grandmother Robin had made, and which the

fairies called 'Delicious.'"