The Quarrel Between Naughty Little Sparrows

: Daddy's Bedtime Bird Stories

Jack and Evelyn had been feeding crumbs to the birds every day

for some time.

"I fancy they enjoy them pretty well, don't they?" said daddy.

"Yes; they love them," replied Evelyn.

"Do they ever scrap over who shall get a crumb first?" added daddy.

"No," said Jack; "they never seem to. They really are very cunning, and

they seem to be very friendly and get along be

"Well, you know," said daddy, "the other day I saw some birds having an

awful fight. One little sparrow had found a very big crumb and was

trying to keep it all to himself."

"Sparrows are supposed to be rather fond of fighting, aren't

they, daddy?" asked Jack.

"They do seem to be considered crosser and to have more cranky natures

than other birds. But perhaps it's because they're always around us, and

they never have a quarrel that we don't see it. But really we ought to

be very grateful to the sparrows, for we always have them with us."

"Yes; that's true," said Evelyn. "And they're plucky little creatures,

too, never minding bad weather, not even the very worst. But do tell us

more about the fight, daddy."

"Another little sparrow," continued daddy, "was furious when he saw the

selfishness of the first sparrow. He completely lost his temper. He

flew at the first little sparrow and hit him with his wings just as

hard as ever he could.

"Then a number of sparrows came and joined in the fight. Some took the

side of the first sparrow and some of the second sparrow.

"It really might have been quite a serious battle had not an old

sparrow stepped in and pitched his voice way up in the air. He simply

shrieked at the sparrows.

"'Stop; stop at once!' he cried.

"All the sparrows stopped at once, for they were very much afraid of the

old sparrow. He was quite their leader, and, though he was a very jolly

old soul and would enter into all their sports, still he was quite


"'Aren't you ashamed of yourselves, all of you,' he continued--'you,

little first sparrow, for being so selfish, and you, little second one,

for losing your temper, and the rest of you for joining in?'

"And all the little sparrows hung their heads in shame, and they then

and there promised the old sparrow that they would never again be greedy

and selfish nor would they fight.

"The old sparrow then looked very much relieved, for it always made him

very unhappy when the sparrows were naughty."