Iris' Bridge

: Nature Myths And Stories For Little Children

In the sky where the amber tints are seen on the clouds, Iris was born.

She loved her home and all the beautiful things around her.

Perhaps she sailed in the moon's silver boat and knew why the stars kept


Perhaps she feasted on sunshine and dew, and slept on the soft white


More than anything in her sky-home, Iris loved her grandfather, the

stern old ocean.

When he was merry, and drove his white horses over the water, she was


When he was troubled, and the sky grew dark and sad, she quietly slipped

her hand into his.

Instantly he smiled, and became gentle again.

He longed always to keep her with him, but the Sun said:

"No, Iris belongs to both ocean and sky.

"Let her be the messenger between heaven and earth."

They placed golden wings upon her shoulders and made her a bridge of

beautiful colors.

One end of the bridge they rested in the sky, but the other Iris could

fasten to the earth with a pot of gold.

This was the way Iris' path was made:

The earth gave the tints of her fairest flowers, the sea brought great

ribbons of silvery mist, the wind was the shuttle, the sky was the loom

and the Sun himself was the weaver.

It is no wonder that the most beautiful thing in all the world is Iris'

bridge, the rainbow.