Idle Ben

: Happy Days
: Boys And Girls Bookshelf

Idle Ben was a naughty boy

(If you please, this story's true),

He caused his teachers great annoy,

And his worthy parents, too.

Idle Ben, in a boastful way

To his anxious parents told

That while he was young he thought he'd play,

And he'd learn when he grew old.

"Ah, Ben," said his mother, and dropped a tear,

"You'll be sorry for this, by-and-by"

Says Ben, "To me that's not very clear,

But at any rate I'll try."

So idle Ben, he refused to learn,

Thinking that he could wait;

But when he had his living to earn,

He found it was just too late.

Little girls, little boys, don't delay your work,

Some day you'll be women and men.

Whenever your task you're inclined to shirk,

Take warning by idle Ben.