How The Wolves Teach Their Whelps

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I was walking along the road, and heard a shout behind me. It was the

shepherd boy who was shouting. He was running through the field, and

pointing to something.

I looked, and saw two wolves running through the field: one was

full-grown, and the other a whelp. The whelp was carrying a dead lamb on

his shoulders, and holding on to one of its legs with its teeth. The old

wolf was running behind. When I saw
he wolves, I ran after them with

the shepherd, and we began to shout. In response to our cries came

peasants with dogs.

The moment the old wolf saw the dogs and the people, he ran up to the

whelp, took the lamb away from him, threw it over his back, and both

wolves ran as fast as they could, and disappeared from view.

Then the boy told what had happened: the large wolf had leaped out from

the ravine, had seized the lamb, killed it, and carried it off.

The whelp ran up to him and grasped the lamb. The old wolf let the whelp

carry the lamb, while he himself ran slowly beside him.

Only when there was danger, did the old wolf stop his teaching and

himself take the lamb.