A Great Fight

: Keep-well Stories For Little Folks

Tom, Uncle John told me last night that he was going to make a hard

fight. I thought he was going to war. He could not tell me all about

this fight then, because some one came for him, to go to see a sick


When I went to bed, I dreamed Uncle John was a soldier, and that he had

on a uniform, and was riding away on a big black horse. In my dream, I

could hear the bugle blow. Then I dreamed he was figh
ing wild beasts.

My! how hot I got while I was dreaming this.

This morning, when I told Uncle John about my dream, he said he was

going to fight something that did more harm than wild beasts. He told me

that, as soon as I helped mother, to come over to his office, and he

would tell me all about it.

I could scarcely eat my breakfast, I was in such a hurry to learn what

my Uncle John was going to fight. I could just see him with a sword

buckled to his side, getting on a big war-horse, galloping off to the

music of fife and drum.

After breakfast, I ran to the office. "Well, my boy," said Uncle John,

"you have come to learn about the big fight your peace-loving Uncle is

going to make. I am fighting for others, not for myself, and I hope we

will win this fight.

"I will show you the enemy, he is in ambush." My eyes were wide open

when Uncle said that. Uncle John walked quickly over to a shelf and took

down a bottle of "Soothing Syrup." I wondered what he was going to do,

when he returned and said, "This bottle holds one of the greatest

enemies of little innocent children. It contains opium. Opium is a

poison. Little babies don't need it. Sometimes a mother will give too

large a dose, and kill her little one. The mother does not know that the

'soothing' part of the syrup is opium.

"The English people have told the makers of such stuff that they must

take the opium out of it, or label the bottle poison. Much of this

kind of medicine is sold. The people do not know how harmful it is. I am

going to fight this enemy of little babies to the last ditch.

"Some of the well-known captains of regiments of these fake cures are

known as 'Compounds,' 'Bitters,' 'Kidney Cures,' 'Cough Cures,' 'Asthma

Cures' and 'Liver Regulators.' These are mighty captains, and flaunt

their false colors in the daily newspapers which come to our firesides.

Many of them contain alcohol. 'Corn Cures' and 'Skin Foods' are little

corporals in the army of the enemy.

"The great generals are the fake consumption cures which are advertised

in so many daily papers and magazines. Their shot and shell are the most

dangerous, because they attack those already weak. They rob persons of

the judgment to choose such allies as Fresh Air, Food and Rest. They are

not even brave soldiers--they strike the weak and ignorant.

"These, my boy, are the enemies I am going to fight--in the trenches

and out. I am buckling on my armor and sword. Will you join me, and help

to put down quacks and patent medicines of all kinds?"


1. Give the names of some patent medicines you


2. What do nearly all patent medicines contain?

3. Will you promise to help in stopping the use of

patent medicines?