A Little Folks' Alphabet

: Boys And Girls Bookshelf


Affable Andy

Ate sugar candy.

Boisterous Ben

Shot at a hen.

Careless Corinne

Lost her gold pin.

Dear little Davy

Liked chicken gravy.

Elegant Ed

Had a new sled.

Fair little Fanny

to her Granny.

Gay little Guy

Thought he could fly.

Helen and Hugh

Called the sky blue.

Ignorant Ike

Fell off his bike.

Jaunty young Jack

Stepped on a tack.

Kind little Kay

Gave things away.

Lovable Lenny

Lost his new penny.

Merry young Mac

Rode in a hack.

Nice little Nettie

Never was fretty.

Opulent Ollie

Rode on the trolley.

Popular Polly

Made pies so jolly.

Queer little Queen

Always wore green.

Rollicking Rory

Read a long story.

Sturdy St. Clair

Marched everywhere.

Tommy and Teddy

Climbed straight and steady.

Unsocial Una

Gazed up at Luna.

Vigorous Vinton

Always was "sprintin'."

Whimsical Winnie

Started for Guinea.

Xenophon Bump

Tried a high jump.

Yellow-haired Yorick

Made leaps historic.

Zealous young Zed

Stood on his head.

Ampersand held a book in his hand.