: Cinderella The Little Glass Slipper

"Oh come into the dining-room!"

Cries Fred, "come, grandma, dear.

For something very strange indeed

Is going on in here!"

And sure enough, when grandma comes,

Perhaps at first with fright,

She stands quite still, astonished at

An unexpected sight.

For there upon the woollen rug,

A jug between her feet,

Sits Freddy's little sister Bess

d in pleasures sweet.

Her finger in the syrup now

Behold she slyly dips,

And carries it with great delight

To her own rosy lips.

"You little witch!" cries grandmama,

"You're like the naughty rat

I found within the cellar once,

Who on a barrel sat,

Filled with molasses, which he reached

By dipping in the hole

His great long tail from which he licked

The sweets he thus had stole.

"The rat was shot, but grandma's babe,

Well, till she's learned to know

Such tricks are wrong, why we of course

Must naught but patience show."

Then grandma took her little pet,

And washed her sticky face,

Then put that tempting syrup-jug

Up in a safer place.