: New Testament Stories

Timothy was a youthful and earnest disciple of Jesus Christ, whom Paul

loved dearly. Paul had found him during one of his missionary

journeys, and, discovering how highly he was esteemed as a Christian,

had selected him as his assistant. Afterward Timothy became Paul's

companion in travel, and the first bishop of Ephesus. While Timothy

was at Ephesus, Paul wrote two letters to him. They are contained in

the Bible, and
re called the Epistles to Timothy. In them Paul says

many kind and wise things, giving Timothy directions how to act in his

high Christian office. But Paul also speaks of Timothy's early days,

and of his mother and grandmother. These were both good women, who

loved God, and diligently studied the Holy Scriptures. The mother's

name was Eunice. She was a Jewess. The grandmother's name was Lois.

Both loved the little boy Timothy, or Timotheus as he was called, and

they sought to instil into his young mind and heart the love of God

and the knowledge of His holy Word. In our picture we see Eunice

teaching her son. She has not a bound Bible, but a manuscript, wound

round small rollers. From this she reads to Timothy; while Lois, the

aged grandmother, sits by.

Paul warned Timothy not to forget the teaching of his good mother and

grandmother; and especially to value his knowledge of the Scriptures.

Because, said Paul, "they are able to make thee wise unto salvation."

Many young folks have good mothers and grandmothers, who love to teach

them about Jesus. Are they receiving this teaching as Timothy did, and

being made wise unto salvation?