: A Book For Kids

They say the eagle is a bird

That sees some splendid sights

When he soars high into the sky

Upon his dizzy flights:

He sees the ground for miles around

Our house, and Billy Johnson's;

But we cannot be eagles, for

That would, of course, be nonsense.

But you and I, some summer day,

Providing we're allowed,

Will go up in an aeroplane

And sail r
ght through a cloud.

But, if they say we may not go,

We'll stay upon the ground

With other things that have no wings,

And watch them walk around.

They say the bottom of the sea

Is beautiful to view;

They say the fish, whene'er they wish,

Can sail and see it, too;

The shining pearls, the coral curls,

The sharks, the squids, the schnappers,

And fish with fins (though not in tins)

And fish with funny flappers.

But you and I, some sunny day,

When weather's in condition,

Will go there in a submarine,

Providing we've permission.

But if they say we may not go

We must respect their wishes;

And you and I will just keep dry

Because we are not fishes.

The earth is quite a jolly place,

And we don't care for flying;

And things that creep down in the deep

Are sometimes rather trying.

So, if they'll grant a holiday

Or even only half,

We'll lie upon some grassy place,

And think of things, and laugh.