The War-horse And The Ass

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A War-Horse, grand in all the trappings of war, came with a great noise

down the road. The ground rang with the sound of his hoofs. At the same

time a meek Ass went with tired step down the same road with a great

load on his back. The Horse cried to the poor Ass to "get out of my way,

or I will crush you beneath my feet." The Ass, who did not wish to make

the proud horse cross, at once went to the side, so that he might pass
br /> him. Not long after this, the Horse was sent to the wars. There he had

the ill-luck to get a bad wound, and in that state, as he was not fit to

serve in the field of war, his fine clothes were taken from him, and he

was sold to the man with whom the Ass dwelt. Thus the Ass and the Horse

met once more, but this time the grand War-Horse was, with great pains

and toil, drawing a cart with a load of bricks. Then the Ass saw what

small cause he had to think his lot worse than that of the Horse, who

had in times gone by treated him with so much scorn. Pride will have a