The Wall-flower And The Thyme

: Literary Fables Of Yriarte

A Wall-flower spoke,--as I have somewhere read,--

A Thyme-plant growing in a neighboring bed,

In the flower language, scornfully addressing:

"Heaven help you, Thyme! 'Tis really distressing!

Though the most fragrant of all plants, I own,

Scarce a hand's breadth above the ground you've grown."

"Dear friend, that I'm of humble height, 'tis true,

But without help I grow. I pity you,

That cannot rise, even a hand's breadth high,

Without a wall to climb by, if you try."

* * * * *

For writers, who, by clinging to the name

Of others, arrogate an author's fame,--

By adding to a work, perchance a note,

Or a short preface,--this response I quote.