The She-Goats and Their Beards

: Aesop's Fables

THE SHE-GOATS having obtained a beard by request to Jupiter, the

He-Goats were sorely displeased and made complaint that the

females equaled them in dignity. "Allow them," said Jupiter, "to

enjoy an empty honor and to assume the badge of your nobler sex,

so long as they are not your equals in strength or courage."

It matters little if those who are inferior to us in merit should

be like us in outside appearances.

The Camel and the Arab

AN ARAB CAMEL-DRIVER, after completing the loading of his Camel,

asked him which he would like best, to go up hill or down. The

poor beast replied, not without a touch of reason: "Why do you

ask me? Is it that the level way through the desert is closed?"