The Shepherd Boy And The Wolf

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A Shepherd Boy, who tended his sheep in a field near a village, used to

make fun of his friends by crying out now and then, "A Wolf! a Wolf!" as

if a Wolf were at the heels of his sheep. This trick did well more than

once. The men who were in the village would leave their work, and come

in hot haste to the boy's help, each man with an axe or a club with

which to kill the Wolf. But as each time they found that it was a Boy's

joke, they made up their minds not to come at his cries. One day the

Wolf did come; and the Boy cried and cried, "The Wolf! The Wolf! Help!

Help!" But it was all in vain, each man thought he was at his old game

again. So the Wolf ate the poor Sheep. No one trusts a liar even when

he speaks the truth.