The Fox And The Villagers

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A Fox that had long been the dread of the village poultry yard was one

day found lying breathless in a field. The report went abroad that,

after all, he had been caught and killed by some one. In a moment,

everybody in the village came out to see the dead Fox. The village

Cock, with all his Hens and Chicks, was also there to enjoy the sight.

The Fox then got up, and shaking off his drowsiness, said, "I ate a

number of Hens and Chicks last night; hence I must have slumbered longer

than usual."

The Cock counted his Hens and Chicks and found a number wanting. "Alas!"

said he, "how is it I did not know of it?"

"My dear sir," said the Fox, as he retreated to the wood, "it was last

night I had a good meal on your Hens and Chicks, yet you did not know of

it. A moment ago they found me lying in the field, and you knew of it at

once." Ill news travels fast!