The Fox And The Lady

: Literary Fables Of Yriarte

A famous gallant, of Parisian renown,

A Fop of the most extravagant taste,

Who silver and gold like water would waste,

With a new suit each day to dazzle the town,--

On the festival day of his lady love placed

On his shoes two paltry buckles of tin;

In order to show, by this frivolous whim,

That he courted not fame, but that fame courted him.

"What beautiful silver, so brilliant and gay!"

Said the lady. "Huzza for the taste and the rule

Of the master of fashion, the pride of our day!"

* * * * *

Thus a volume of nonsense, or, I am a fool,

The world will devour, if subscribed with the name

Of a popular author, established in fame.