Eagles And Ravens

: Daddy's Bedtime Bird Stories

"Some white-tailed eagles were boasting one day of their bravery,"

commenced daddy. "They were also saying how fine they were in every way

and that their very name meant something splendid and free and strong.

"As a matter of fact, though the white-tailed eagles won't admit it,

they are less brave than any of the eagle families.

"The ravens are not kindly at all and they love to fight. They had often
thought it would be great sport to have those 'silly white-tailed

eagles,' as they called them, admit that they were not brave and have

their leader beg for mercy from General Raven.

"And, as you can imagine, when Brother Black Raven heard the eagles

boasting he knew it was high time to begin and frighten them.

"So he called all the ravens together. Some of them were having their

naps, but as soon as Brother Black Raven called them, up they got in a

great hurry, spread their wings and drilled a little bit just like

soldiers. Only instead of marching they flew.

"As General Raven came near the nest of the white-tailed eagles, he said

in a very queer, croaking sort of voice:

"'Good-morning!' That was rather mean of him to say, for, of course, he

didn't really wish them a 'Good-morning.'

"'Do you want to fight?' asked General Raven.

"Still not a sound from the eagles. There was a slight fluster and

trembling, which the ravens could hear and which made them grin with

delight, but the eagles never said a word. They didn't even look at the

ravens! For they were so frightened they didn't dare look at them, and

they kept thinking, 'Oh, won't those awful ravens and their ugly old

general go away?' The eagles, of course, thought the ravens were very

ugly because they were so afraid of them.

"'For the last time, do you want to fight us, eh?' asked General

Raven. And still the eagles said not a word--nor made a sound. 'Well,

let me say then for all of us,' said General Raven, 'that we think

you're very cowardly, and we heard you talking before we came of your

bravery. We wouldn't fight you because you're afraid of us, but you'll

have to admit it after this,' and with a deep chuckle off went General

Raven and his followers.

"The eagles did not go on boasting, but they were very contented that

the ravens had gone away!"