: Popular Rhymes And Nursery Tales

Children stand round in a circle, leaving a space between each. One

walks round the outside, and carries a glove in her hand, saying,

I've a glove in my hand,

Hittity Hot!

Another in my other hand,

Hotter than that!

So I sow beans, and so they come up,

Some in a mug, and some in a cup.

I sent a letter to my love,

I lost it, I lost it!

I found it, I found it!

It burns, it scalds!

Repeating the last words very rapidly, till she drops the glove behind

one of them, and whoever has the glove must overtake her, following her

exactly in and out till she catches her. If the pursuer makes a mistake

in the pursuit, she loses, and the game is over; otherwise she continues

the game with the glove.