Dolly's Doctor

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Come and see my baby dear;

Doctor, she is ill, I fear.

Yesterday, do what I would,

She would touch no kind of food;

And she tosses, moans, and cries.

Doctor, what do you advise?


Hum! ha! good madam, tell me, pray,

What have you offered her to-day?

Ah, yes! I se
! a piece of cake--

The worst thing you could make her take.

Just let me taste. Yes, yes; I fear

Too many plums and currants here.

But, stop; I must just taste again,

For that will make the matter plain.


But, Doctor, pray excuse me, now--

You've eaten all the cake, I vow!

I thank you kindly for your care;

But surely that was hardly fair.


Ah, dear me! did I eat the cake?

Well, it was for dear baby's sake.

But keep him in his bed, well warm,

And, you will see, he'll take no harm.

At night and morning use once more

His draught and powder, as before;

And he must not be over-fed,

But he may have a piece of bread.

To-morrow, then, I dare to say,

He'll be quite right. Good day! good day!