: Popular Rhymes And Nursery Tales

Collop Monday,

Pancake Tuesday,

Ash Wednesday,

Bludee Thursday,

Friday's lang, but will be dune,

And hey for Saturday afternune!

Verses for Shrove-tide, Collop-Monday being a North-country name for

Shrove-Monday, because eggs and collops compose a standard dish for that

day. At Islip, in Oxfordshire, the children, on Shrove-Tuesday, go

und to the various houses to collect pence, saying:

Pit-a-pat, the pan is hot,

We are come a-shroving;

A little bit of bread and cheese

Is better than nothing.

The pan is hot, the pan is cold;

Is the fat in the pan nine days old?

"Collap Munday.--This time reminds me on a bit ov a consarn at happand

abaght two year sin, to a chap at thay call Jeremiah Fudgemutton. This

Jerry, yo mun naw, went ta see a yung womman, a sweetheart a hiz, an

when he put hiz arms raand her neck ta gie her a cus, it happand shood

been hevin sum fried bacon to her dinner, an fagettan ta wipe t' grease

off on her magth at after. Thear hiz faice slip't off on her chin-end,

an slap went hiz head reight throot winda, an cut tip ov hiz noaze

off."--Yorkshire Dial.