Counting The Fingers

: Boys And Girls Bookshelf

This is the thumb, you see;

This finger shakes the tree;

And then this finger comes up;

And this one eats the plums up;

This little one, says he,

"I'll tell of you, you'll see!"

That one is the thumb;

And this one wants a plum;

This one says, "Where do they grow?"

This one says, "Come with me--I know."

> But this little one, he says,

"I will not go near the place!

I don't like such naughty ways."

Now, I think that through and through

Little Finger's right--don't you?

This one fell in the water,

And this one helped him ashore,

And this one put him into bed,

And this one covered him o'er;

And then, in walks this noisy little chap,

And wakes him up once more.

This one walked out into the wood,

And caught a little hare;

And this one took and carried it home,

For he thought it dainty fare;

And this one came and cooked it up

With sauces rich and rare;

And this one laid the table out,

And did the plates prepare;

And this little fellow the keeper told

What the others were doing there.