The Soloist Of The Bird Concert

: Daddy's Bedtime Bird Stories

The birds had begun their early morning concerts. "I know why," said

daddy. "It is because they have been practising for their opening

concert of the season which they gave this morning and which I am going

to tell you about this evening. They have been practising hard every


"The vireos, having such lovely voices and being devoted to music, got

it up and made all the arrangements. Yesterday, the
ay before the

concert, they scratched signs on the trees, which in the bird world


"'Concert in the village park to-morrow morning at 6 o'clock. All those

who are taking part will, of course, be present. Those who are not

taking part will be invited to attend. Splendid music. Good seats.

Feature of concert to be the soloist. The name of the soloist will not

be made known until the concert.'

"All the birds were tremendously excited when they read that, for it was

all a surprise arranged by the vireos. They were the only ones who knew

who the soloist was to be. At the rehearsals even the soloist had not


"At last the time for the concert came. All the birds were up very early

that morning, fussing to look their very best.

"Most of the birds sat around on the grass, but some of them had

reserved boxes in the trees.

"The program for the concert was delightful. The robins sang in chorus,

as did the chirping sparrows. The warblers sang quartets and duets.

Several of the chickadees gave little solos. The thrushes and the vireos

appeared many times on the program. They were encored again and again

and were greatly pleased.

"The soloist was to appear the very last. A vireo came out and announced

to the audience that the soloist, being slightly nervous, would not

stand before them and sing, but would sing from a very short distance.

"Then they heard from a neighboring tree the strange, lonely song of the

whippoorwill. He sang his song several times over, and the applause was

terrific. The birds were charmed, absolutely charmed.

"The whippoorwill was very modest and didn't see why they liked his solo

at all. He had really been very shy about appearing at the concert. But

he was encouraged by the vireos, who, as a rule, are nervous, too, when

they appear in public.

"At the conclusion of the concert a vote of thanks was given the vireos

for the crowning success of their concert and an additional vote of

thanks for their splendid soloist."