The Horse And The Loaded Ass

: Boys And Girls Bookshelf

A man who had a Horse and an Ass had a way of putting all the load on

the back of the Ass, and none on the Horse. One day as they went in this

way by a long, long road, the poor tired Ass tried to get the Horse to

help him to bear his load. But the Horse was not kind, and said lots of

cruel things to the Ass and said he must trudge on in front. The Ass did

trudge on; but the weight was too much for him, so he fell down on the

road, and at once died. The man then came up, took the load from the

back of the Ass, and laid it on that of the Horse; and made him bear the

body of the Ass, too. So the Horse was punished, and at last had to bear

the whole of the load. Be kind to the weak.