The Flint And The Steel

: Literary Fables Of Yriarte

The Steel the Flint abused

Most bitterly one day,

For the unfeeling way,

In which his sides he bruised,

To chip out the brilliant sparks.

After some sharp remarks

They parted company;

And the Steel cries out, "Good-by!

Unless with me you 're used,

Of little worth you'll be!"

"Not much," said Flint,--"and yet, beyond a doubt,

Just what yourself are worth, the Flint without."

* * * * *

This little tale of ours,

Let each writer bear in mind,

Who deep study has not joined

To native powers.

In the flint, no fire we find

Without the help of steel;

Nor does Genius aught avail

Without the aid of Art.

Long as they work apart,

They both are sure to fail.