The Dog And The Ass

: Boys And Girls Bookshelf

An Ass laden with loaves of bread was going on a long journey with a dog

to guard him from harm. Before the journey was ended both were famished

with hunger, which the Ass was able to appease by eating the grass and

thistles that grew by the roadside. Seeing this, the dog's hunger became

still sharper, so that he begged for a piece of bread from the Ass's


"If you are hungry," said the Ass rudely, "you can eat grass just as I

do. I have no bread to give you."

Just then they saw, in the distance, a Wolf loping toward them, and the

trembling Ass begged the dog to protect him.

"No," said the dog. "People who live alone will have to fight alone."

And he went off and left the unfortunate Ass to his fate.

When your friends need you, go to their assistance. You do not know

when you may need them.