The Donkey And The Salt

: Nature Myths And Stories For Little Children

One time a merchant went to the seashore for a load of salt.

There were many hills and streams to cross on the journey.

As the path was narrow and rocky, the man made his donkey carry the salt

in large bags upon his back. It was a warm day, and the donkey did not

like his heavy load.

He hung down his head and went as slowly as he could.

After a while they came to
stream which had only a foot bridge over


The donkey went through the water, splash! splash! splash! In the middle

of the stream was a large stone which he did not see.

He stumbled and fell, and the water ran over the bags of salt.

Soon the donkey was glad that he had fallen, for he found his load much


They came to another stream, but the donkey did not stumble this time.

He lay down in the middle of the brook.

He was a wise donkey.

This time he lost so much salt that his master was angry, for he was

obliged to go back to the seashore for another load.

As they were walking along, the merchant laughed to himself.

He thought he knew a way to cure the donkey of this trick.

When they came to the seashore, he filled the bags with sponges, and

started for home.

The donkey thought, "What a light load I have," and trotted gaily along

over the rough road.

Again they came to the brook. "Ah!" thought the donkey, "I will make my

load still lighter."

He lay down in the middle of the brook.

This time he found his load so heavy that he could scarcely rise.

His master kindly helped him, but the donkey was not happy.

The water ran down his sides and made him more miserable.

"Oh," thought he, "I will never lie down in the water again."

Once more his master led him back to the seashore.

He filled the bags with salt.

The donkey was wiser now and carried the salt safely home.