The Ass And The Flute

: Literary Fables Of Yriarte

Be it good or bad,

This little lay

To me occurred to-day,

By chance.

Through a field in our village

A wandering ass

One day did pass,

By chance.

Left by a careless swain,

Forgotten on the ground,

There a flute he found,

By chance.

As he stopped to smell it--

This donkey grave--

A snort he gave,

By chance.

Into the flute his breath

Happened to find its way,

And the flute began to play,

By chance.

"Oho!" said the wise beast,

"How well I can play!

Who will say me nay?

By chance.".

* * * * *

There are donkeys plenty,

Who, without one jot of art,

May, for once, well play a part,

By chance.