An Invitation

: Keep-well Stories For Little Folks

"What do you say?" said the Work to be Done.

"Shall we start bravely together,

Up with the morning sun,

Sing, whatever the weather?"

Come, little busy folks, what do you say?

Let's begin fairly together to-day.

Shall we keep step with a laugh and a song

All through the runaway morning?

And when the noontide comes speeding along,

Whistling his chorus of warning,

"Then," said the Work to be Done, "let us see

Who has kept in the hurry with me?"

Hark, in the midst of the long afternoon,

When you are a little bit weary,

How all the meadows keep sweetly in time,

Toiling, and prattling and cheery.

"What do you say?" said the Work to be Done,

"Shall we be comrades till the setting of sun?"